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Image by Neil Bates

I was there to take the class about 2 years after my breast cancer treatment. The first thing I learned is that two days is not nearly enough… not even 2 weeks…. I’m a professionally trained artist for 40+ years. Your artist must be able to draw. Add to that learning: how to put ink into skin, tattoo scar tissue,  and different types of skin that have now been moved from one place on the body to your breast. Be taught how to do it the right way by caring experienced people. It can’t possibly be done in a two day, or a week of training. It takes so much more time than that.


1.  How unrealistic they would look. Not even close to what I had lost in treatment.

2.  How bad it would make me feel and how long it would take me to come to terms with it.

3.  There’s a huge difference between PMU pigments and tattoo inks. PMU pigments have smaller particles. They will change color and lighten over time. Traditional body art tattoo inks, however, are meant to stand the test of time ALTHOUGH even tattoo inks will fade slightly and require a retouch.

4.  SPEAK UP! This tattoo will be on your body for your entire life. 

5.  Differences between and Tattoo Artist and a Cosmetologist. These terms are NOT interchangeable BUT you can be both.

Be careful! Make sure you see pictures of the work they are doing. They should have a portfolio or a gallery on their website. Do your research. Find your artist.

I’ve spent 4 years researching, training, and learning how nipple tattooing needs to be done the right way. Many classes, many hours. I always knew my company name would be Confidence Inked, even before that first class. This is my heart and my passion. It’s how I help others heal.

And remember, You are amazing! YOU DESERVE AMAZING! 

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