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(Small, Sweet & Permanent)

Image by Malik Skydsgaard

Oh! That little tattoo you always wanted...


A heart? An airplane? A little pair of flip flops? Small and sweet. Ready for that tiny tattoo? These are exactly what they sound like. They're small tattoos that can be placed just about anywhere on the body. Thesde are also known as miniature or micro tattoos. 

Tell me what you have in mind and we'll give you that little piece of art.vThese are designed to be quick, simple and as black and grey executed with fine lines and light, soft shading if shaded at all.  Of course we can add color! (additional)

By the way.... that tattoo above...that spot between her breasts on her sternum... since there is no muscle or fat over the bone at that spot... it's really sensative.... just so you know if that's your plan.

small coffee cup tattoo
purple tulip tattoo
paw prints

Book your time, pay your deposit and let me know what you have in mind, maybe send me a pic.  Please  include approximate size and where on your body you had in mind.  These  tattoos are black and grey only unless otherwise discussed. The art must be booked and approved prior to your appointment. Please book least 72 hours in advance or the appointment may be changed.

Topical numbing can be used to keep you comfortable. I won't tell.... Promise.

Deposit required to schedule. Final price will be determined by complexity. Extra detail or color additional.

How Much?

TINY TATT OR MICRO TATTOO:  Up to 2" Square - $100 Minimum.

Final price based on detail, shading and color

But we do can most anything. Send me your idea!

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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