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The Studio

A private, quiet space with only the people you choose to be there and locks on the doors. 

All the supplies, single use needles and full spectrum lighting. This  room includes a confidential consultation area. 

Everything that is needed to create the best areola & scar camouflage work, in a calm, private, healing place.


Call me to start the next step in your healing.

Why I do this.


I am an artist and breast cancer survivor. Doing this work means everything to me. This touches my soul.

Beginning in elementary school art class to my senior year of high school, it was art, always art. I created an award-winning oil painting in those last months of high school. That is what sent me to art school onto this incredible creative life.

At 53, I received my breast cancer diagnosis. Stage 3, triple negative. I've always believed life is a journey and this was one more great big learning experience. At the end of the whirlwind of tests and treatment, my daughter put it best in a Facebook post “4 months of chemo, 12-hour surgery, 5 weeks of radiation, a stage 4 scare, a positive BRCA2 gene, a couple battle scars, and 2 new boobs later...SHE'S DONE WITH TREATMENT!!!!

During my treatment, when I was in chemo and I was bald, and all was obvious. I was feeling like I stood out in the crowd as a cancer patient…. I noticed people looked away from me in a restaurant and other places. It was so very disturbing. I believe they felt their own mortality. It is a was a very poignant memory. One day I saw a video on scar camouflage. To me, it was an aha moment. This was a way I could use my talent and experience to help others. I had been searching for a long time for a way I could use this gift of mine. I now help that someone who felt that everyone just sees a scar; believing that “everyone knows” to hold their head higher. I can make those things less noticeable, seemingly disappear. Be it accident, surgical or self-harm scars, this is a way to help lift self-confidence.

Areola tattooing simply fell into place. Both procedures are considered paramedical tattooing. Although completely different techniques. For a long time, I had questioned “how can my art help others”? I found my answer, and because of my cancer journey I have a unique perspective to offer my clients.

Those receiving areola tattoo will love what they see, as close as possible to what they lost. Scar camouflage makes that scar less noticeable and helps the person move forward, returning confidence.

This is what I do. This is what this company does. Confidence Inked.

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