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Light and bright filled with EVERYTHING that will make both your experience and my work THE BEST.

All the supplies, single use needles and full spectrum lighting. This  room includes a confidential consultation area. 

Everything that is needed to create the best areola & scar camouflage work, in a calm, private, healing place.


Call me to start the next step in your healing.


barbara photo

I am an artist. I am also a breast cancer survivor. That's the reason this business began. Doing this work means the world to me. An opportunity to help using my gift to help others heal.

Drawing since the beginning of time. I remember elementary school art class projects, always art, always. Senior year of high school, I created a national award-winning oil painting. THAT is what sent me to art school. Art is my soul. It is what I do.


At 53, I was given my breast cancer diagnosis. Life is a journey. Each experience a lesson. Breast cancer is quite a lesson for anyone. Like others, I never thought it would be me. At the end of the whirlwind of tests and treatment, my daughter put it best in a Facebook post “4 months of chemo, 12-hour surgery, 5 weeks of radiation, a stage 4 scare, a positive BRCA2 gene, a couple battle scars, and 2 new boobs later......SHE'S DONE WITH TREATMENT!!!!


When I saw a video on scar camouflage and then found areola tattooing, I knew why. For a long time before my diagnosis my question had been “how can I take this incredible gift and use it”? I found my answer. My cancer journey made it the perfect field.


My gift for color and my ability to create is used to match skin tones and make your scars seemingly disappear. If you are having areola tattoo done, you will be amazed. This is what I do. Confidence Inked.

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