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What can you do with those radiation markers???

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Part of my breast cancer treatment was radiation - the final part. The entire month of March. Every day at 7:00 am Monday to Friday. I still had some lymph nodes that were enlarged after chemo.

They told me I would be receiving radiation markers... well, upon receiving them my quote was "You didn't tell me they were jailhouse tats!" I could feel by the pinpoint prick as each was done, that it was with a single needle and ink. For some reason, I NEVER watch anything being stuck into my own body. I don't watch it on anyone. These are permanantly tattooed dots. Forever. I have 4. Two on my sternum and two on my right side ribs. A great big rectangle. The reason for the markers is so that they will always be able to position the machine, and deliver the radiation to preciely the same area, even after the scotch tape things come off... which they do.

Okay, the question for today is, what did you do with your radiation markers. I've seen several things done. I've seen them camouflaged, which kind of worked; I've seen them colored brown to resemble moles. Which I think is an ideal solution! This colors them a little more brown instead of the dark black. Me.? I had little bright pink hearts tattoed over mine. The video shows one of them. I have four and I put a fifth one on my left wrist as a reminder that it is over, to remind me that it's over.

So, I guess I gave them a little love. I didn't try to hide them. Which is perfect, because now I have this amazing business that I give my heart to each and everyone I touch.

So I have tiny little hearts rather than little black dots. What did you do? Do you want to do anything? You could have anything.... Let me know!

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