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How to choose your areola tattoo artist.

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

The person you choose is about to permanently put art on your body. A good artist can make this areola tattoo look so real!

Where do you start?

1. Can they draw? Can they pick up a pencil and draw? Anything? Everything! If not they can’t create a beautiful nipple and areola on your new chest. A nipple tattoo that looks like you never lost anything.

2. No photos. No tattoos. You must see photos of their areola work. What you see in those photos is what they will be tattooing on your body. Look closely. Before and after photos taken after the tattoo is healed.

3. Ask about their training and experience. How long have they been offering this service? What is their level of experience? Who did they train with for nipple tattooing? How long was their training? Was the training a 2-day class? How many models did they work on? Your artist may have a certificate on their wall without ever actually having tattooed a live person's breast before. Ask.

4. Ask about inks. Does this artist use tattoo inks or permanent makeup pigments? Permanent makeup pigments are made to breakdown and fade over time. That means every few years you get re-tattooed. That’s not ideal for your skin. Tattoo inks are made to retain and hold their color in the skin.

5. Ask about machines. Do you use a body art machine or a permanent makeup machine? PMU machines may not have the same power as a body art machine. They were created for a different purpose. Body art machines are made to tattoo your body.

6. How many touch ups will I need? Your fragile skin simply cannot handle frequent touch ups. The 1st appointment establishes the location and initial colors. It allows the artist to learn about your skin and not overwork it. On the second appointment we add the details and touch up. All tattoos require touch ups. Well done tattoos with body art inks require fewer.

7. Look at the reviews. Read reviews of client experiences online.

Spend the time to find a good artist. Find an artist whose heart is in this. 100%. It must be their passion. You will know. You will click. I believe everyone deserves a nipple tattoo that looks as amazing as that photorealistic rose tattoo you've seen. That’s what we all deserve.

Ask the questions. Expect answers you understand. And if you don’t understand, ask again. Please do not settle for a poorly done nipple tattoo. You’ve been through enough. You deserve AMAZING!

And one last thing…. Check what your insurance will cover. They may cover the entire cost. Whether they do or not will depend on your policy. I will do everything possible to assist with this. Submit a properly itemized invoice with correct numbers for reimbursement if you are using an out of network provider. I have started a list on at listing possible resources for financial assistance. If you know of any additional place, please let me know and I’ll add it to the list.

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