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Ahhh breast cancer treatment. Chemo. Bald as can be. During this moment in treatment my family and I went to a local restaurant for dinner. I noticed people look away. I made them uncomfortable. Now I have always been very sensitive to the feelings of others. Empathy for others creates a large part of who I am. I don't believe looking away was directed at me personally. I believe they saw something that scared them. It may have been the sight of their own mortality, maybe it was a passing thought of someone they knew that had been though what I was going through, or someone who had passed. But they looked away. I noticed.


After my treatment was finished, I saw a video on scar camouflage. It was my “aha!" moment. The moment that struck me as to how I could use my artists’ background to help others. It was perfect. I understood how people with a scar, be it visible or invisible to others, feel. I have more than enough scars from treatment.  They aren't noticeable to others. They are hidden by the clothes I wear, but I am aware of them, always aware of them. This process I saw, matching skin color to scars. Making the scars invisible... a beautiful thing this is. In my research I founnd areola tattooing as well. Those who have had breastwork understand that your areola may be removed or placement adjusted, they may lose pigment, and this may come with unexpected scarring. It can make you feel less. Less feminine, less whole, less beautiful.


My experience with color, my empathy, understanding and desire to help others with my art, make this business life changing. I'd love to meet you and discuss what I can do for you.


Book now and have your Confidence Inked!

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