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Woman looking for answers. Image by Almos Bechtold

Let's address your questions:

Are these procedures really permanent? The techniques we use deposit ink into the upper skin layer. While it does fade over time, it's considered permanent because it doesn't wash off. It requires occasional color refreshing, which varies based on factors like sun exposure, skin thickness, skincare products, and age.

How long does the initial procedure take? The time varies by procedure, but plan for about 2 hours. This includes paperwork, color and design discussions, and the procedure itself. The follow-up appointment is much quicker.

Is it painful? No worries – we use topical anesthetics to ensure your comfort throughout the session.

What to expect: Depending on the procedure, minimal swelling and tenderness might occur, similar to a brush burn. Some individuals on blood thinners might experience minor bruising or slight bleeding, which usually fades within 24-48 hours. Expect temporary darker color due to natural scabbing and healing in the first 10 days.

Do I need more than one appointment? Yes, two treatments 6-8 weeks apart are recommended. The second session helps assess color retention and make adjustments since healing varies.

Can I choose shape and color? Absolutely, you'll approve the color and/or design.

Allergies? If you have allergies, let us know before booking. We can do a skin test for allergic reactions if necessary.

MRI and Restrictions: There's minimal risk of irritation during an MRI. Always inform your MRI technician about your tattoos.

Restrictions: We can't provide scar camouflage and areola tattooing if you're under 18, pregnant or nursing, on certain medications, have specific medical conditions, or recently had certain treatments. Cold sore history requires prescribed medication before lip procedures. Blood thinners or fish oil should be stopped a week prior with doctor's approval.

Appointment Policies: Arrive on time to allow for paperwork. Late arrivals (15+ minutes) risk cancellation and forfeit deposits. Give 48-hour notice to reschedule. No-shows forfeit deposits.

Deposits: A $100 deposit is needed to book. Cancellation or rescheduling within 48 hours results in deposit forfeiture, including touch-up procedures.

Balance: Remaining balance is due right after the service. We accept credit cards, checks, and cash.

Feel free to reach out with questions or concerns. Your journey is our priority!

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