Girl with a Shoulder Tattoo

We make no guarantees on complete removal. It's skin & ink. ​

This process inserts saline (salt) solution into the skin and beneath the tattoo ink. The process is called osmosis. The ink is lifted to the skins' surface and removed when the scab falls off. This is for small tattoos only - think the size of a business card - and there are times when laser is a better option, or possibly after serveral laser sessions. A consult is required. Ready?

​Large Remove/Lighten (2 x 2 & Larger): $300

Second Session (Large): $250

Small Remove/Lighten (2 x 2 & Smaller): $250

Second Session (Small): $200

Emergency Removal MUST BE DONE WITHIN 48 HOURS: $150


Eyebrow Tattoo Removal: $250

Second Session (Eyebrow): $200

The need for any additional visits will be assessed as the process progresses.