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In the next few weeks you will receive your decal in the mail.  Put it on your mirror or your car window.  Somewhere you will catch a glimpse and smile!


After that I will send you occasional emails that are meant to boost moral, make you feel pretty (because you are). I won't overwhelm your inbox. Promise. An uplifting thought, an incredible place to see, a wonderful idea.  These things make me smile. Other things I might share? I meditate and do yoga daily (I prefer 10 minutes of each). Life is short. Go for your dreams! Smile! Be happy!  This was always my philosophy.


What do I hope to accomplish with this?  I hope you share, I hope you lift up someone who needs it. I hope you schedule an appointment if erasing a scar or areola tattoos will do that for you. If not,  look at your decal and know that you are beautiful!  That is what this is all about.