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THIS is what YOU deserve.


Look at the nipple in that photo.  That is a TATTOO ON FLAT SKIN!  Amazing! and that's what YOU DESERVE!!

Whatever the reason, this may help you feel more confident with the new version of you. 

This procedure is done after the surgical reconstructive process is complete. It is a two session process in addition to the initial consultation. The first tattoo session is approximately 2 hours.  As always, we begin with release and consent forms, before photos, and color selection. We will design your areaola, and when you are comfortable with it all, we will begin. The second session, after 6-8 weeks of healing, is a simple touch up, making sure everything is perfect and after photos. At this point you will leave with your "Confidence Inked". 


Most clients feel little to no discomfort. Topical numbing is available in the event you do have any sensitivity. You will leave with bandages on the tattoos, aftercare products and aftercare instructions. 


After breast surgery you may lose color in the areola because it has been repositioned. This process will simply add realistic permanant color to the nipple and areola resfreshing the color to look like it did before surgery. 

Dark Areola on Flat Skin.jpg
Tattooing areola
rainbow paint down chest and breasts



​Bilateral Areola Tattoo or Repigmentation:     $520

Bilateral nipple tattooing involves tattooing both of the breasts.  Size, shape, and color are custom mixed and designed to fit with the body and compliment your complexion.   Includes follow-up session approximately 6-8  weeks after initial tattoo session.

Unilateral Areola Tattoo or Repigmentation:     $320

Unilateral tattooing involves nipple tattooing one breast. Extreme care is taken to match the size and color of the existing nipple. Includes follow-up session approximately 6-8  weeks after initial tattoo session.

We start with a consultation in person or email.  Ready?

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