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     Oh, my fabulous friend, can you believe what a masterpiece we've got here? Just take a gander at that photo and soak it all in. I mean, seriously, would you look at that nipple? That's not just any nipple – that's a bona fide piece of art, a tattoo on what used to be flat, ordinary skin. It's like magic, isn't it? And let me tell you something, darling, this is exactly what you deserve.

     Let's dive into the sheer awesomeness of it all. We're talking about a procedure that's all about bringing out the best in you, helping you radiate that confidence that's been simmering within. It's like a symphony of self-assurance playing out on your skin.

     Now, let's break it down. This isn't just a one-and-done kind of deal, no siree. We're talking about a two-session extravaganza. Round one kicks off with about an hour and a half of pure transformation. We'll start things off by getting some forms and photos in order – you know, the prep work that sets the stage for brilliance. And once you're feeling good and cozy with the placement, it's go time, baby! That's when the real magic begins to unfold. And hold onto your hats, because round two is where the cherry on top gets popped. After a cool 6 to 8 weeks, it's time for the grand finale – the touch-up session. We're talking about the moment when everything gets that final polish, that extra oomph of perfection. And when all is said and done, guess what? You're going to walk away with what I like to call your "Confidence Inked." Can you feel the excitement? It's practically palpable!

Amazing 3D Areola on Flat Skin
Tattooing areola

     Oh, and just a little heads-up for you, sweet thing. Most of our clients report feeling like they're basking in a gentle breeze during these sessions – that's right, little to no discomfort. And hey, if you're someone who's all about those extra layers of comfort, we've got your back. Topical numbing is on the menu, just in case you want to dial down the sensitivity meter.

     So, my friend, let's make this happen. Let's take that confidence of yours and give it a canvas like no other. Because guess what? You're about to step into a world where you're not just feeling confident – you're Confidence Inked. How utterly fabulous is that?


     Darling, let's have a heart-to-heart about something that's a game-changer for post-surgery transformations. Picture this: you've conquered the journey of breast surgery, but sometimes in that process, the vibrant color in your areola decides to take a little vacation. But fret not, because we've got a trick up our sleeves that's as magical as a unicorn's dance.

     Let me introduce you to the world of repigmentation. It's like bringing a symphony of color back to your canvas. You see, after the surgical masterpiece, the areola might decide to change its coordinates, leaving behind a hue that's not quite what it used to be. But fear not, my dear, because we've got the art of realistic permanent color infusion down to a science. We're talking about a touch of pigment that's going to whisk your nipple and areola back to their former glory, restoring that fabulous color that you rocked before surgery.

    Imagine this: you, strolling through life with a touch of permanence that whispers tales of confidence and restoration. That's what repigmentation is all about, and it's here to make sure your canvas tells the story you want it to.  So, my friend, don't let that color fade get you down – let's refresh it, revitalize it, and have you feeling like the masterpiece you are. Because, honestly, life's too short for dull colors, and you deserve nothing less than brilliance.

hands holding inks
Pink boxing gloves over breasts

     Alright, fabulous folks, let's talk numbers and get that excitement flowing! If you're ready to dive into the world of Confidence Inked, here's the scoop on what you're investing in:

Bilateral Areola Tattoo or Repigmentation: $600

     This one's a double delight, my friends. It's all about giving both of those lovely breasts a touch of artistic love. We're talking custom mixes of size, shape, and color that are tailor-made to harmonize with your body's rhythm and give a nod to your exquisite complexion. And guess what? It's not just a one-time shindig – this package includes a follow-up session about 6 to 8 weeks after the initial tattoo extravaganza. We're all about making sure you walk away with perfection.

Unilateral Areola Tattoo or Repigmentation: $450

     Now, here's an option for those who want to keep it focused on one side of the equation. Unilateral tattooing is all about giving that singular breast the star treatment. We're talking precision that's so on point, you'll think we've summoned the color fairy herself. Just like the bilateral option, this package also comes with a follow-up session after 6 to 8 weeks to ensure everything's tip-top.

     Oh, and don't think we've forgotten about those who might be dancing with limited finances. We get it – we've been there too. So if you're in need of this magnificent service but have a few budget constraints, fret not. Reach out, my friend. Let's have a chat and see how we can make the magic happen for you.

     And here's the starting point: a consultation that's all about you. Whether it's in person or through the digital wonders of email, we're here to make sure we're on the same page, ready to embark on this incredible journey of self-expression and restoration. So, are you ready to take the plunge? Let's make this happen!

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