Day 1

 at Bedtime – Gently wash, area/areas, using fingertips, with disinfectant soap and water. Lightly pat dry with fresh, clean towel and apply fresh andage.

Days 2 to 5

Leave bandage on. Always watch for infection. Remove on Day 5 and smile!



Avoid Until Healed:

  • Hot, steamy baths and long showers or soaking tattooed areola in water for 14 days after procedure. 

  •  When showering, place your back to the shower. Some soap and water may run over areola area. 

  • Gyms and heavy perspiring for two weeks to avoid infection.

  • Direct sun, tanning beds, self-tanners on pigmented area

  • Dirt, as in gardening, raking etc.

  • Swimming in both salt or chlorine pools, hot tubs or saunas to avoid infection and loss of color.

Please Note:

  • Don’t be alarmed by fading after first application.  The final color cannot be judged until 2 weeks after the procedure.  A follow-up procedure is often required for best color retention and longevity.

  • For future use of tanning beds, once healed, apply sunscreen over tattooed areola

  • A light transient redness is expected immediately following procedures

Important – If sensitivity increases or reddish ring appears on the areola perimeter, you are to seek medical treatment, immediately, then contact us.


Days 1-7

Keep the treated area moist for 7 full days following the procedure by continuing to apply, the aftercare that is provided twice during the day, with a Q-tip. Remember, the ointment acts as a “bandage” and keeps out dust, pollen and air. Clean area with cool water and mild antibacterial soap (Dial), and pat dry before reapplying ointment.

Avoid Until Healed - (7 days)

  • Do not expose treated area to sun or a tanning booth, for at least 10 days.

  • Absolutely NO cleansing creams, makeup or chemicals may be applied to the pigmented, treated areas for the first 3 days. After 7 days you may apply makeup.

  • No hot, steamy, full pressure showers, saunas, excessive sweating, Jacuzzis or swimming in chlorinated pools. These things can hinder the color bonding process.

  • No Retin-A, bleaching creams, glycolic acids, fruit acids or AHA acids on the treated area.

  • If crust appears on the procedure area, do not pick or peel the crust off because color will be removed along with the crust. Do not touch the procedure area with fingers as the fingers could transmit bacteria onto the area and lead to infection. This could ultimately incur some additional expenses to you.

  • If having a procedure on your face don’t sleep on a nice pillowcase for the first 2 nights. Ointment and pigment may seep onto it.

At the first sign of an infection, adverse reaction or allergic reaction to the procedure,  notify your health care professional and Barbara Fox/Confidence Inked. Failure to follow post treatment instructions may cause loss of pigment, discoloration, or infection. Remember, colors appear brighter and more sharply defined immediately following the procedure. As the healing progresses, color will soften. Additional appointments may or may not be necessary. Final results cannot be determined until healing is complete. These procedures must be made between 30-60 days following the procedure. Additional fees will apply for additional appointments after 60 days