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Schedule your consultation appointment if  you would like to meet in person or zoom.  

If Zoom is your preference, please send an email prior to your appointment and include the following:

1.  First & Last Name

2.  Phone # 

3.  A) AREOLA TATTOO: The following pictures #1 right breast #2 left breast, #3 from center including both breasts. Make sure images are clear and in good light, preferably natural light as it shows the best color

      B) SCAR CAMO/STRETCH MARK CAMO: As many as needed, good clear photos of the area to be done. Please place a coin or business card so I can see the size of the work to be performed.

      C) NANO BROWS: Please send photos good, clear, well lit photos including eyes:  #1 left brow, #2 right brow and #3 both brows.

4. Email to

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