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What is Restorative Tattoo?

This is subtle, quiet tattooing. It's not the tattoo that everyone notices, it’s the tattoo that very few will. Confidence can be lost in many ways; a health event, weight loss, age, or transition to a new version of you. 

Using the tools and training of both tattoo and permanent make-up, this business, this space, was created to for you. What I do can make you to stand a little taller and smile a little bigger just knowing it’s there. Realistic looking nipples returned, a scar invisible, detailed eyebrows, radiation markers covered, or a tiny tattoo can change a lot. That's the purpose. Make your appointment now and have your Confidence Inked.




Permanent inks.

Realistic appearance

Incredible results

(Areola Tattoo)




Flesh Colored Pigments

Last 3-5 years

Precisely matched 


THE most natural looking

permanent makeup

brow option.

Want your brows back?

THIS is the way.

What they say....

Finally I am restored! Great experience. I Love what you've done for me​.     LORI

I am so thrilled with my areola tattoos created by Barbara! They are realistic and beautiful and make me feel more normal! Barbara is fantastic at what she does and her studio is calming and relaxing. I highly recommend Barbara to anyone needing her services!      MELISSA 

Wonderful experience! Barbara is amazing at what she does! Very kind and understanding!      ERIN

One of the most conscientious and artistic people I know! This is a passion of hers, and I can't imagine anyone better to rely on! ❤️     MARK 


This is for anyone looking to regain their confidence after a mastectomy. Barbara's story pulls at the heart strings and is one of strength, "she-power" and courage. Her charisma and dedication to supporting others can be seen in all that she does.      MELANIE              

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