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Artistry, Healing, and Empowerment-Welcome to Confidence Inked

     Are you seeking restoration and transformation? Welcome to Confidence Inked, where we specialize in the medical tattooing and the art of reclaiming your beauty and confidence through the power of natural looking restorative tattoo.

     If life has left its mark on you – whether it's scars that tell stories of battles won, a journey that led you to new beginnings, or moments that shaped your unique path – we're here to turn those marks into masterpieces.

     Imagine embracing your journey with pride, adorned by artistry that speaks volumes without saying a word.

Our expertise lies in those intricate touches that make you whole again – from the delicate precision of areola tattoos and areola repigmentation that bring a sense of wholeness, to the artful dance of nano brows that frame your windows to the soul. Have scars that remind you of past struggles? Our scar camouflage is like magic, painting away the past and unveiling a canvas of confidence. For those looking to own the spotlight this is how to regain that self-assured aura.

     Confidence Inked isn't just about permanent makeup tattoos – it's a journey of self-love, empowerment, and embracing every twist and turn that life has etched into your story. Our studio isn't just a space; it's a haven where your dreams of restoration and renewed confidence come to life.

     So, if you're ready to restore your confidence and rewrite your narrative with ink, if you're prepared to wear your journey as a badge of honor, then come join us at Confidence Inked. Let's create a masterpiece together, one inked moment at a time. 

Your Journey to Confidence Starts Here

Beautiful Brows

From Blue to Beautiful Eyebrow Tattoo: A Brow Transformation Story That Made Her Smile. Nano Brows! (Done with a machine it's a little different than Microblading...)

scar transformed before and after

Erasing the Past: Scar Camouflage, (also called scar cover-up & scar blending), Turned a Glass Cut Memory into Artful Beauty

3D Areola tattoo before and after

Reclaiming Beauty, Rekindling Confidence: A Breast Cancer Survivor after Double Mastectomy with Nipple Tattoo.

"... I am no longer embaressed when I look in the mirror... "

I can’t say enough about how amazing she and her artistry are.  Thanks to Confidence Inked, I am no longer embarrassed when I look in the mirror. You have truly made a difference in my life!     DORA

"I am so thrilled with my areola tattoos..."

"I am so thrilled with my areola tattoos created by Barbara! They are realistic and beautiful and make me feel more normal! Barbara is fantastic at what she does and her studio is calming and relaxing. I highly recommend Barbara to anyone needing her services!  MELISSA

"... sometimes you need to wait until the right person comes around..."

“So happy I saw the article in the newspaper. Completely satisfied, wish she would have been around years ago. But sometimes you need to wait until the right person comes around.”  DEBRA

Barbara Fox

     I'm not just an artist—I'm a canvas whisperer, a confidence restorer, and a warrior of creativity. My journey began over four decades ago, weaving tales of artistry that led me to this incredible path of tattooing. But life had its twists and turns, and I battled breast cancer with all the fierceness I bring to my art. Through those trials emerged a survivor with an even deeper well of empathy and understanding.

     With every stroke of ink, I pour my heart and soul into bringing back what life may have taken away. From delicate areola tattoos that honor your strength, to scar camouflage and pigmentation that helps you own your story, and nano brows that frame the windows to your beautiful soul—I'm here to create magic.

Barabara Fox working with tattoo machine

     Confidence Inked isn't just a business; it's a haven of healing art. A place where passion intertwines with experience, where understanding meets innovation. Together, we embark on a journey to reclaim your confidence, to rediscover the masterpiece that is you. So let's take this voyage hand in hand, with ink as our guide and resilience as our compass.

      Here's to empowerment, to transformation, and to the incredible journey ahead. Welcome to Confidence Inked, where every tattoo is a testament to your strength and every stroke is a celebration of life.

Confidence Inked reception area
Confidence Inked private proceedure room

This Place...

     Step into a world of serenity and transformation, where your comfort and peace are our top priorities.

     At Confidence Inked, we've curated a haven just for you—an oasis of tranquility, creativity, and healing. Picture this: a private sanctuary where the only voices you hear are the ones you've invited, where every corner exudes a sense of calm, and where your journey to rediscover your beauty unfolds in the most soothing atmosphere.

     Our space is more than just four walls; it's a canvas waiting to be filled with your story. You're not just a client—you're a cherished guest, and your needs are met with the utmost attention to detail. Every tool we use, from our single-use needles to our full-spectrum lighting, is carefully chosen to ensure your safety, comfort, and the quality of our work.

     And oh, the consultation area—it's a cocoon of confidentiality. Here, you can open up, share your dreams, your concerns, and your vision. It's a space where we craft not just tattoos, but bonds of trust and understanding.

So, my dear, welcome to your sanctuary of transformation. Walk in, close the door, and leave the world behind. This is where your journey to reclaim your confidence begins, where the whispers of ink blend with the whispers of your heart, and where healing becomes an art form.

     See you soon in our haven of healing and beauty.

Where We Are

Located less than an hour from Hershey, Harrisburg, Lancaster and Reading. Lebanon is convenient and a lovely town. There is with 2 hour free parking always available around the corner. 

Location & Directions


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