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Image by tabitha turner

You are beautiful.

This is medical tattoo...

This is subtle, quiet tattooing. It's not the tattoo that everyone notices. It’s the tattoo that very few will. Welcome to Confidence Inked.

Confidence can be lost in many ways; a health event, weight loss, age, or transition to a new version of you. Using the tools and training of both tattoo and permanent make-up and 40 years of professional art experience, this business, this space, was created to for you. What I do can make you to stand a little taller and smile a little bigger just knowing it’s there. Realistic looking nipples returned, a scar invisible, detailed eyebrows, or radiation markers covered. This can change a lot. That's the purpose. That the reason I do this.


Make your appointment now and have your Confidence Inked.

This is what I do.


This is one very happy lady. She's had blue eyebrows for 7 years. So far we adjusted the shape and made them a beautiful brown. More to come!

Scar camo to a scar from a bike fall. 

An areola tattoo on a breast cancer survivor. She waited years for this lilttle thing! She was so happy!


“Finally I am Restored!
I love what your have done for me."


"Wonderful experience! Barbara is amazing at what she does! Very kind and understanding!"


So happy I saw the article in the newspaper. Completely satisfied, wish she would have been around years ago. But sometimes you need to wait until the right person comes around.

Your Artist

Barbara Fox

I am an artist and breast cancer survivor. 35 years of experience as an artist before I started to practice paramedical tattooing, I bring a unique perspective and qualifications to this field. With empanthy, understanding and a passion to help others with my talent, I opened Confidence Inked.


The Studio

A private, quiet space with only the people you choose to be there and locks on the doors. 

All the supplies, single use needles and full spectrum lighting. This  room includes a confidential consultation area. 

Everything that is needed to create the best and most beautiful paramedical tattoo, in a calm, private, healing place.


Get started!

Located in Lebanon, PA

Located less than an hour from Hershey, Harrisburg, Lancaster and Reading. Lebanon is a convenient location and a lovely town. There is with 2 hour free parking always available around the corner from the studio. This is the town I was born in. I love the farmland and I am happy to call this place my home.

Location & Directions

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