You are amazing.

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Nipple tattoos. Permanent inks.

Truly realistic appearance

Incredible results

(Areola Tattoo)




Flesh Colored Pigments

Last 3-5 years

Precisely matched 

Proudly helping clients from Lebanon, Harrisburg, Reading, Allentown, Lancaster, York, Wilkes Barre, and even surrounding states of New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland to heal.

Red Head Model

WHY do I do this?

This business is my dream and my heart. It exists to help others heal with my artistic gifts. In my space there will always be compassion and every one of my clients will have the utmost respect and dignity. It is something we all deserve.


I spent 3 years learning how this art should be executed. You can take a permanent make up class and have a certificate in a week. I was so unhappy with what I was taught in that week and knew it was not okay. There was a right way.  A way that it looks like a real areola complex with a nipple, not a couple circles with a drop shadow. It looks raised and wrinkled. Anyone who needs this servic, deserves exactly that. Period. My history is that of a trained fine artist with 40+ years of experience. My breast cancer and bilateral mastectomy was quite a learning experience. In so many ways and it directed me to this.

You deserve the best. I believe in doing only the highest quality post surgery work. No matter what the reason you are here, why you had a mastectomy. You won't question your choice after your procedure is complete and healed. 

Please be careful when choosing your artist. Choose an artist who can draw, knows color theory and the expertise with the pigments and inks. Make sure you see samples of their work. Your new areaola should look like what you used to have! Areola tattoo should be done with permanent inks, scar camouflage with pigments. ALWAYS ask to see samples of their work.  No Photos, No Tattoo.

I hope to get to meet you someday!